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What is Fight Camp?

Fight Camp is a 15-week journey where you discover what it means to be a fighter in a full training camp. You will learn the fundamentals of boxing and/or kickboxing in a safe environment, become fitter and stronger with our conditioning program and build confidence with positive personal growth. A 'must do' experience for all. 


The Fight Camp program has been run throughout Auckland involving multiple gyms, coaches and everyday people-turned-fighters. We've seen awesome physical and mental transformations, as well as life-long relationships formed. Our team of professionals have your best interests and safety at heart, as they too have walked the fighter's path many times. Now, it's your turn.


Looking for a fitness challenge? Or perhaps a lifestyle change? Want to do something different? We think that everyone's had an urge or curiosity to learn to fight or defend themselves effectively. Now is your chance to do them all alongside like-minded people at Fight Camp. 


Want to take it all the way to the ring? The ultimate challenge is trusting yourself, your training and your coaches to match you evenly against a fellow Fight Camp member, where you will showcase your newly found skillset in a boxing match in front of your friends and family. This is fully optional, and although we know you'll be capable, we don't expect all Fight Camp members to fight. All members get a free ticket to the final show to watch, help or support. 
Fight night will be held on 29th of June, save the date!


At Fight Camp you'll learn the art of boxing, make friends and challenge yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

With over 100 classes on offer, and a special guest workshop from world-famous gym City Kickboxing, you'll have an opportunity to learn a new skill from the best coaches in New Zealand.

Test your new skills by competing in the ring! Fight Camp will finish with our Fight Night evening on the 29th June.


Whether you've had a fight before or never thrown a punch, our 15-week Fight Camp is suited to everyone. Our expert team of coaches will take care of you!

Fight Camp Training
Only $499 for 15 weeks of


Including classes focused on technique, conditioning and drilling. Plus special guest session from City Kickboxing.

Discounted Training Gear

You'll be able to nab premium training gear at discounted prices including gloves, wraps and protective gear

Optional Nutrition Plan

Option for a personalised nutrition plan whether you want to gain, lose or maintain 

Fight Camp Community Group

Our team will be there to support along the way. Share your experiences, post pics and ask questions on our community page

Optional Fight Night

Put your skills on display and match up against another Fight Camp member of a similar level 

What's Included?

Meet your FIght Camp

Fight Camp Coach
Rod MacSwain
Head Coach - Hybrid Training

Rod MacSwain is the creator of the 'Fight Camp' training programme. He wanted to make combat training and competition accessible to everyone in a controlled and safe environment. Rod fought MMA professionally for 7 years, winning multiple national & international championships. During that time he has coached and trained at multiple fight gyms around the globe. Rod now resides in Mt Eden, training alongside the Pro Team at City Kickboxing and organising Fight Camp programmes where he & his team have successfully trained over 10 full camps ranging between 30-80 people, most of whom going on to have their first successful boxing or kickboxing match without any injury or regret.

How do i Sign up to Fight Camp?

Register your interest

Register your interest and receive an email with more info.

Attend a free class

If you're unsure or haven't done a boxing class before, we recommend coming to a free intro class. We'll be in touch with you for the dates and times.

Pay Registration

Secure your spot by putting down a $100 deposit. Then you're all done!

*Deposit non refundable. Only transferable to another person OR to be used in a future camp.

Fight Camp Info

  • Is the Hybrid Fight Camp safe?
    Our program was built to prove combat sports can be safe with minimal injuries in all aspects. We work on a progression system with technique and fitness, basic level to begin then increasing slightly each week as you grow stronger physically & mentally. We use 16/18oz gloves plus head gear for protection which is more than double that of amateur boxing. In training, we avoid hard contact to the head to minimize risk of concussion. All our coaches are on board with our safety values, your health comes first.
  • Is there a free trial class available?
    Yes! Click the 'register your interest' button and follow the link to the free trial details! See you in the gym soon.
  • I've never done boxing before, can I do this?"
    Most of the camp will be made up of people who have never thrown a punch. We were all once beginners, and this program will cover all the fundamentals you need to progress technically & mentally.
  • Do many women do the Hybrid Fight Camp?
    In combat sports it is said that 'women go harder' as they bring passion and a care free attitude to the ring where as some men tend to worry how they look or come across in a society with toxic masculinity. We have about 40% women on each program and we feel the camp is more beneficial and empowering for them whether they are mothers, sisters, daughters students, corporates, athletes or just want to give something new a go. We have female coaches also who run women only classes as well as take the other sessions.
  • What if my work/life schedule intereferes with the training schedule?
    It is inevitable that at some stage work or life will come between you and your training. We offer multiple session times to cater for this but ultimately you need to try be accountable to yourself and your team mates. 12 weeks of training with the potential to fight requires dedication, your job and family will be understanding if you talk openly with them. Perhaps starting or finishing earlier or later to make the session time, you will need support from them but you will definitely get support from us. All you need to do is turn up.
  • What if I can't afford to pay for the Hybrid Fight Camp?
    Our program is modestly priced with different payment options. If you are definitely keen to commit but feel you cannot affford the payments then please get in touch with us via email. Let us know your situation and we can work something out. Everyone should have access to this program.
  • What is the Fight Night and do I have to compete in it?
    After 12 weeks of training you will have the option to compete against a fellow camp member at 'Fight Night'. A boxing event featuring up and coming local talent, a few professionals as the main event and an undercard made up of our very own Fight Camp members. This is an evening not to miss, either as a competitor or support member/helper. The choice to become a competitor is definitely yours to make, with advice and guidance from our coaches. It is the ultimate challenge and a great way to conclude your 12 week journey. We have seen first hand hundreds of competitors expressions of fulfillment and success after their match. Never any regret, as many go on to join the next intake to become a part of the journey all over again.
  • Will the Hybrid Fight Camp help me lose weight?
    Yes. Commit to the camp, attend the sessions, do your best and you will see and feel the physical results through fat loss and increased general fitness.
  • Can I continue training after the Hybrid Fight Camp?
    There are many fight gyms all over Auckland, at the end of 12 weeks you will no longer be a newbie to the sport. You have the option to continue training with us on our regular scheduled timetable featuring classes covering Technique, Strength, Drilling and Fitness all with the community vibe.
  • What is the Kaupapa of Hybrid Fight Camp?
    Our Kaupapa (ethos) is to give You the confidence, skill and strength to step into a ring & fight, then harness some of that mentality & discipline and apply it to your life.
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